diamond tools, dressing sticks, Electro-tools and cutting tools,
re-profiling of diamond tools, training

Thanks to well-qualified employees we are able to fulfill our clients’ expectations and assure them full satisfaction.

Diamond tools

Dressing sticks


About Diam Service

Diam Service is a constantly developing company established in the year 1996. Short terms of realization and the highest quality of goods and services have let us for starting cooperation with the biggest companies of glass sector in Poland and abroad. We are constantly working on the development of our company so that we could satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients. Professionalism, quality and timeliness – these are the values that we put in the first place.

We ensure our clients reliability and professionalism in the range of provided services
thanks to the constant process of development implemented by the System of Quality Management

Diam Service Sp. z o. o.

ul. Darwina 3b, 43-603 Jaworzno

+48 32 614 11 69 diamservice@diamservice.pl ask us online

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